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Baliness Massage

Balinese massage combines different massage therapies like acupressure, skin rolling, friction, flicking, a combination of firm and gentle stroking, percussion. At times, the technique of stone massage may also be used where smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on specific parts of the body. They are supposed to be the energy points of the body.

Modern-day massage isn't just about the stroking of hands on a body. It is the amalgamation of different cultures, the knowledge passed on from generations to generations from the very beginning of ancient civilizations. A modern-day customer is spoilt with various varieties of massage therapies to choose from. They not only differ in style but also the philosophy behind it, intensity of pressure, techniques applied. One of the most famous massage therapies is Balinese Massage. The holistic massage therapy technique has been popularized by the Western countries but is now famous across in India.

The therapist also uses different techniques like gentle stretches, reflexology, acupressure. Different parts of the body require different massage techniques to be stimulated. This includes kneading, skin rolling to stimulate the lymphatic system, stroking. The massage lasts for about 60-90 minutes on an average. The main objective of the masseuse will be to provide a relaxed state of mind. For that purpose, the stimulation is generated to provide an improved flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. It is believed that if this flow is generated, then the flow of "qi" follows.

This involves dry and oil massages. A combination of natural oils with pleasant fragrance is used. Moderate to firm pressure is applied involving stretching, skin rolling, kneading, stroking and pressure-point stimulation. This nourishes the skin, improves blood circulation and flow of lymph, relieves strained muscles and increases flexibility.

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